Child Support

Child support issues can be challenging, complex, and emotionally trying. Having the counsel of an attorney who is both objective and knowledgeable can go a long way in defusing an often highly charged situation. The Gulley Law Firm can provide the legal guidance and assistance you need in resolving this very important issue, whether you are trying to work out an agreement with a spouse, make a modification to an existing judgment, or need mediation help for a child support dispute.

In New York, the court determines child support by “income shares,” which means that the level of child support is based on the combined income of both parents. Other factors are considered by the court as well in determining the amount paid and the length of the time period in which it is to be paid. Such factors are the needs of the child, parents’ income and assets, earning abilities of the parents, age and health of the child and each parent, and responsibilities of the parents for other court-ordered support.

It is always advantageous to work out child support agreements without going to court but when disputes cannot be settled between spouses, the court must rule in the best interests of all concerned.

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